Summer Enrollment Starts

News/Activity  [ April 2, 2014]
Enroll Early

Summer Enrollment starts today, April 2, at the Lorma Colleges Multi-purpose Gymnasium.
To enroll:

  • New Students/Freshmen:
    1. Proceed to the Guidance Office for the Career Guidance Evaluation
    2. Fill-up the Yellow Enrollment Form
    3. Submit your credentials and other requirements to the Registrar's Office
    4. Proceed to the Business Office(or @Gym) for the Assessment and Payment of fees
    5. Pay the SML Fee (@Gym)
    6. Submit your Enrolment form, half-copy of assessment slip, Official Receipt for confirmation
    7. Capture and issuance of ID card
  • Old Students
    1. Claim and fill-up your White Enrolment Form from your Dean/Adviser
    2. Have the form signed by Adviser, Dean, and Registrar
    3. Proceed to Enlistment Section
    4. Proceed to Assessment Section
    5. Pay Fees at the Cashier
    6. Proceed to Confirmation Section and claim class cards
    7. Proceed to ID Issuance and Validation Section

Summer Classes begins on Monday, April 7, 2014.

42nd Graduation is set March 29, 2014

Announcement  [ February 6, 2014]
Guaranteed no more rites under the rain

Graduation for batch 2014 is on March 29 at the newly-built San Juan Campus Auditorium.

Candidates for graduation is released. Last call for still photos is set Feb 8, 2014.

This year's graduation committee is chaired by Engr. Hercules M. Cepriaso of the Skills and Development Institute.

Off-campus ACCESS resolved

Announcement  [ January 20, 2014]
Changes are now concurrent on all servers

Internet connection is now restored on all ACCESS servers after exactly a month of coordination with our service provider.

The MY.LORMA.EDU server welcomes back students, parents and guardians for their ACCESS to real-time information. The temporarily server was only able to update its data on an end-of-the-day database update.

The faculty's ACCESS.LORMA.EDU is also restored. Faculty members are advised to explicitly request permission to use this off-campus site of ACCESS by calling local 318.

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