List of Academic Achievers Released

Announcement  [ July 21, 2009]

Lorma Colleges, its faculty and staff congratulates the Academic Achievers for Second Semester, School Year 2008-2009.
Full Scholars are entitled to a 100% Tuition Fee Discount; Half Scholars are entitled to 50% Tuition Fee Discount; and Deans Listers are entitled to a 20% Tuition Fee Discount.
Appeals for changes to the list are only entertained before July 31, 2009. Please see your respective dean.

Change your password

Announcement  [ July 21, 2009]
Away from how and what people know you

ID/Username and password is the only way inside the system and you have to guard it.
After having been activated, make sure to update your password after the first successful login. If your memory is serving you greatly, regularly updating your password can also help secure your account.
You can now change your password and personal information through your panel. Any changes you may have done, or at least done by your account is considered done personally by you and official.
Should you have problems with your account, you can see Sir Aingel at the Server Room (next to the school clinic).

ACCESS now on its new host

Announcement  [ March 31, 2009]
Migration delayed and now done

After having been delayed 24 hours due to flu and immobilized right hand, ACCESS is now transfered to its new host.
The Summer Enrollment will be the big test for the new setup. It should be faster in its processing speed.
Should you experience any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know.


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