ACCESS now on its new host

Announcement  [ March 31, 2009]
Migration delayed and now done

After having been delayed 24 hours due to flu and immobilized right hand, ACCESS is now transfered to its new host.
The Summer Enrollment will be the big test for the new setup. It should be faster in its processing speed.
Should you experience any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know.

March 30 Scheduled Downtime

Development Update  [ March 12, 2009]
Server migrates to new machine

Another school year is about to end and Summer classes will start very soon. The server has been up and running 99% for the past six years. A new home is but worth the upgrade.
From it's single-core processor and 2-GB of memory, ACCESS will be residing on a quad-core processor 8-GB machine.
While improvements are being done in the development, we expect speed and stability on the new server. Drives will be running on a SATA-RAID10 configuration for performance and redundancy.
All this migration will be done on March 30, 2009 from 3:00PM. During this time, all data changes will be ignored and transactions will have to be delayed until completed.
For any reason that this should not continue, please inform the team and notice will be posted here.

r5 Updates

Development Update  [ February 17, 2009]

While grades are automatically saved upon input for every student, the instructor will not have a way to modify it.
By double-clicking on the saved grade, it will turn back into a form and will be available for modification. 
More of this updates will be made on the system with your valuable feedbacks.


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