Graduate Studies E-Books


N-201(Child Development and Adjustment)

  • Comprehensive neonatal nursing care, 6th edition, 2020
    Kenner, C., Altimier, L. & Boykova, M., editors
  • Wong’s nursing care of infants and children, 11th edition, 2019
    Hockenberry, M., Wilson, D. & Rodgers, C.
  • Maternal fetal & neonatal physiology: a clinical perspective, 5th edition, 2018
    Blackburn, S.
  • Intrapartum management modules, 5th edition, 2017
    Kennedy, B. & Baird, S.
  • Reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, 3rd edition, 2016
    Black, R.
  • Old’s maternal-newborn nursing & women health: across the lifespan, 9th edition, 2012
    Davidson, M. London, M & Ladewig, P.
  • N-202 & 203 (Seminar in Maternal and Child Nursing 1 & 2)

  • Breastfeeding seminar: protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding in the field, 2017
  • Summary report on the Regional training workshop on promoting maternal and newborn health quality of care, 2016
    Rabat, M.
  • Safe mothers and newborns: a leadership workshop accelerating the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality, 2015
    Barcelona Institute for Global Health
  • N-204 (Field Experience in Maternal and Child Nursing)

  • Children, food and nutrition: growing well in a changing world, 2019
  • Essentials obstetric and newborn care: practical guide for midwives, doctors with obstetrics training and health care personnel who deal with obstetric emergencies, 2019
  • Early childhood matters: advances in early childhood development, 2016
  • Every women, every child: the global strategy for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health (2016-2030), 2015
  • Nursing procedures and interventions: textbook for bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, 2014
    Daniel J.
  • MNCHN strategy manual of operations, 2011
    Department of Halth
  • N-221 (Family Health Nursing)

  • Maternal & child health nursing: care of the childbearing & childrearing family, 8th edition, 2018
    Silbert-Flagg, J. & Pillitteri, A.
  • Maternal and child health nursing: care of the childbearing & childrearing family, 6th edition, 2010
    Pillitteri, A.
  • Maternal-child nursing care: optimizing outcomes for mothers, children and families, 2009
    Ward, S. & Hisley, S.

    N-230 (Advanced Pathophysiology)

  • Introduction to human disease: pathophysiology for health professionals, 7th edition, 2020
    Loeffler, A.
  • Renal pathophysiology: the essentials, 5th edition, 2020
    Rennke, H. & Denker, B.
  • Advancement in the pathophysiology of cerebral stroke, 2019
    Patnaik, R., Tripathi, A. & Dwivedi, A.
  • Pathophysiology of disease: an introduction to clinical medicine, 8th edition, 2019
    Hammer, G. & McPhee, S.
  • Pathophysiology: the biological basis for disease in adults and children, 8th edition, 2019
    McCance, K. & Huether, S.
  • Pathophysiology: a practical approach, 3rd edition , 2018
    Story, L.
  • Understanding pathophysiology, 1st edition , 2018
    El-Hussein, M. and 6 others
  • Essentials of pathophysiology: concepts of altered health states, 4th edition , 2015
    Porth, C. & Gaspard, K.
  • Felner, E.& Umpierrez, G., 2014
    Felner, E.& Umpierrez, G.
  • Iron physiology and pathophysiology in humans, 2012
    Anderson, G. & McLaren, G.
  • Pulmonary pathophysiology: a clinical approach, 3rd edition, 2010
    Ali, J., Summer,, M. & Levitzky, edited
  • N-231 & 232 (Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing 1 & 2)

  • Focus on adult health medical-surgical nursing, 2nd edition, 2019
    Honan, L.
  • Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing, 14th edition, 2018
    Hinkle, J. & Cheever, K.
  • Medical-surgical nursing: concepts for interprofessional collaborative care, 9th edition, 2018
    Ignatavicius, D., Workman & Rebar
  • Smeltzer & Bare’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing, 4th edition, 2017
    Farrell, M., edited
  • All-in-one nursing care planning resource: medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity, and psychiatric, 2016
    Swearingen, P.
  • Medical-surgical nursing: patient-centered collaborative care, 8th edition, 2016
    Ignatavicius, D. & 4 others
  • Medical-surgical nursing: assessment and management of clinical problems, 9th edition, 2014
    Lewis, S. Dirksen, S. & Heitkemper, M.
  • Fundamentals of medical-surgical nursing: a system approach, 2014
    Bradly, A., McCabe, C. and McCann, M., edited
  • Medical-surgical part III, 2013
    Abu-El-Noor, N.
  • Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing, 12th edition, 2010
    Smeltzer, S. & Bare, B.
  • Handbook for Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing, 12th edition, 2010
  • N-233 (Cancer Nursing)

  • Principles of nursing in oncology: new challenges, 2019
    Charnay-Sonnek, F. & Murphy, A. editors
  • IASLC thoracic oncology, 2nd edition, 2018
    Pass, H., Ball, D. & Scagliotti, G.
  • Breast cancer survivorship: consequences of early breast cancer and its treatment, 2016
    Ring, A. & Parton, M.
  • Oxford handbook of oncology, 4th edition, 2015
    Edited by Cassidy, J. & 4 others
  • Oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery, 2013
    Rietjens, M. & Urban, C.
  • Breast cancer and the environment: a life course approach, 2012
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer: breast, 2011
    Edited by Jacobs, L. & Finlayson, C.
  • Pediatric oncology nursing: advanced clinical handbook, 2nd edition, 2010
    Tomlinson, D. & Kline, D. editors
  • The difficult case in head and neck cancer surgery, 2010
    Donald, P.
  • Methods of cancer diagnosis, therapy and prognosis: volume 8 brain cancer, 2010
    Edited by Hayat, M.A.
  • Methods of cancer diagnosis, therapy and prognosis: volume 7 general overviews, head and neck cancer and thyroid cancer, 2010
    Edited by Hayat, M.A.
  • Methods of cancer diagnosis, therapy and prognosis: volume 6 ovarian cancer, renal cancer, urogenitary tract cancer, urinary bladder cancer, cervical uterine cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, multiple myeloma and sarcoma, 2010
    Edited by Hayat, M.A.
  • Methods of cancer diagnosis, therapy and prognosis: volume 5 liver cancer, 2009
    Edited by Hayat, M.A.
  • Methods of cancer diagnosis, therapy and prognosis: volume 4 colorectal cancer, 2009
    Edited by Hayat, M.A.
  • Methods of cancer diagnosis, therapy and prognosis: volume 3 gastrointestinal carcinoma, 2008
    Edited by Hayat, M.A.
  • Methods of cancer diagnosis, therapy and prognosis: volume 2 general methods and overview lung carcinoma and prostate carcinoma, 2008
    Edited by Hayat, M.A.
  • Methods of cancer diagnosis, therapy and prognosis: volume 1 breast carcinoma, 2008
    Edited by Hayat, M.A.
  • Mammography and beyond: developing technologies for the early detection of breast cancer, 2001
    Nass, S, Henderson, C. & Lashof, J.
  • N-234 (Nursing Cardiovascular conditions)

  • Braunwald’s heart disease: a textbook of cardiovascular medicine, 11th edition, 2019
    Zipes, D. & 4 others
  • Cardiovascular genetics and genomics: principles and clinical practice, 2018
    Kumar, D. & Elliott, P., editors
  • Manual of cardiovascular medicine, 5th edition, 2018
    Griffin, B. & Menon, V., editors
  • Cardiac surgery: operations on the heart and great vessels in adults and children, 2018
    Ziemer, G. & Haverich, A., editors
  • Atlas of cardiovascular emergencies, 2017
    Lefebvre, C., O’Neill, J. and Cline, D.
  • Diabetes in Cardiovascular disease: a companion to Braunwald’s heart disease, 2015
    McGuire, D. & Marx, N.
  • Cardiovascular care: made incredibly easy!, 3rd edition, 2015
    McLaughlin, M.
  • Oxford handbook of cardiac nursing, 2nd edition, 2014
    Edited by Olson, Kate
  • Harrison’s cardiovascular medicine, 2014
    Loscalzo, Joseph
  • The cardiovascular system at glance, 4th edition, 2013
    Aaronson, P., Ward, J. & Conolly, M.
  • Anderson’s pediatric cardiology, 4th edition, 2010
    Wrenovsky, G., editor
  • N-235 (Field Experience in Medical Surgical Nursing)

  • Critical care toxicology: diagnosis and management of the critically poisoned patient, 2nd edition, 2017
    Burkhart, K. & 5 others, editors
  • Nursing informatics for the advanced practice nurse: patients’ safety, quality, outcomes and interprofessionalism, 2016
    McBride, S. & Tietze, M.
  • Critical care nursing: monitoring and treatment for advanced nursing practice, 2015
    Edited by Booker, K.
  • Surgery: a cased based clinical review, 2015
    Virgilio, C.
  • Critical thinking cases in nursing: medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity and psychiatric, 5th edition, 2013
    Hardong, M., Snyder, J. & Preusser, B.
  • Clinical decision making: case studies in medical-surgical nursing, 2nd edition, 2012
    Ankner, G.
  • Infectious diseases in critical care medicine, 3rd edition, 2010
    Cuncha, B.

    N-251, 252 & 253 (Nursing Administration 1, 2 & 3)

  • Management and leadership for nurse administrators, 8th edition, 2020
    Edited by, Roussel, L., Thomas, P. & Harris, J.
  • Contemporary nursing: issues, trends & management, 8th edition, 2019
    Barbara, C. & Jacob, S.
  • Project management in nursing informatics, 2019
    Garcia-Dia, M.J., editor
  • Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: theory and application, 9th edition, 2017
    Marquis, B. & Huston, C.
  • Nursing leadership and management for patient safety and quality care, 2017
    Murray, Elizabeth
  • Nursing Delegation and Management of Patient Care, 2nd edition, 2016
    Motacki, K. & Burke, K.
  • Leddy & Pepper’s conceptual bases of professional nursing, 8th edition, 2014
    Hood, Lucy Jane
  • Effective leadership and management nursing, 8th edition, 2013
    Sullivan, Eleanor
  • Health care administration: managing organized delivery systems, 5th edition, 2011
    Wolper, Lawrence
  • Essentials of nursing leadership and management, 5th edition, 2010
    Whitehead, D., Weiss, S. & Tappen, R.
  • Scope and standards of practice nursing, 2nd edition, 2010
    American Nurses Association
  • Nursing leadership and management: theories, processes and practice, 2007
    Jones, Rebecca
  • N-254 (Financial & Legal Aspects of Nursing Administration)

  • Essentials of health policy and law, 4th edition, 2020
    Wilensky, S. & Teitelbaum, J.
  • Economics and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders, 3rd edition, 2017
    Penner, S.
  • Nurse-led health clinic: operations, policy, and opportunities, 2015
    Hansen-Turton, T., Sherman, S. & King, E., editors
  • Legal aspect of nursing, 7th edition, 2015

  • Healthcare finance and financial management: essentials for advanced practice nurses and interdisciplinary care teams, 2014
    Paterson, M. A.
  • Economics and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders, 2nd edition, 2013
    Penner, S.
  • Fundamentals of nursing: standards & practice, 4th edition, 2011
    DeLaune, S.
  • Law and ethics in advanced practice nursing, 2010
    Kverjik, D. & Brous, E.
  • Legal nurse consulting practice, 3rd edition, 2010
    Peterson, A.
  • N-256 (Field Experience in Nursing Service Administration)

  • Advanced practice and leadership in radiology nursing, 2020
    Gross, K., editor
  • Healthcare information management systems: cases, strategies and solutions, 4th edition, 2016
    Weaver, C. & 3 others, editors
  • Nursing leadership and management: the advanced practice role, 2015
    Edited by Korniewicz, Denise
  • Hospitals & health care organizations: management strategies, operational techniques, tools, templates, and case studies, 2013
    Marcinko, D. & Hetico, H.
  • Evidence-based leadership success strategies for nurse administrators, advance practice nurses (APN), and doctors of nursing practice (DNP), 2012
    Sredl, D., editor

    N-261, 262, 263 & 265 (Mental-Health Psychiatric Nursing Interventions 1, 2, 3 & 4)

  • Psychiatric-mental health nursing, 8th edition, 2020
    Videbeck, S.
  • Psychiatric & mental health nursing for Canadian Practice, 4th edition, 2019
    Austin, W. & 3 others
  • Neeb’s mental health nursing, 5th edition, 2019
    Gorman, L. & Anwar, R.
  • Kaplan & Sadock’s pocket handbook of clinical psychiatry, 6th edition, 2019
    Sadock, B., Ahmad, S. & Sadock, V.
  • Varcarolis’ foundations of psychiatric mental health nursing: a clinical approach, 2018
    Halter, M.J.
  • Complex clinical conundrums in psychiatry: from theory to clinical management, 2018
    Shivakumar, K. & Amanullah, S., Editors
  • Psychiatric-mental health nursing, 7th edition, 2017
    Videbeck, S.
  • Kaplan & Sadock’s comprehensive textbook of psychiatry, 10th edition, 2017
    Sadock, B., Sadock, V. & Ruiz, P.
  • Psychiatric nursing: assessment, care plans and medications, 9th edition, 2015
    Townsend, Mary C.
  • Clinical consult to psychiatric nursing for advanced practice, 2015
    Rhoads, J. & Murphy, P., editors
  • Oxford handbook of mental health nursing, 2nd edition, 2015
    Edited by Callaghan, P. & Gamble, C.
  • Basic concepts of psychiatric-mental health nursing, 8th edition, 2012
    Shives, L.R.
  • Essential notes in psychiatry, 2012
    Edited by Olisah, V.
  • Geropsychiatric and mental health nursing, 2nd edition, 2011
    Edited by Melillo, K.D. & Houde, S.C.
  • Clinical topics in cultural psychiatry, 2010
    Edited by Bhattacharya, R., Cross, S. & Bhugra, D.
  • Psychiatric and mental health nursing: the craft of caring, 2nd edition, 2009
    Edited by Barker, P.
  • The neuroscience of clinical psychiatry: the pathophysiology of behavior and mental illness, 2nd edition, 2007
    Edited by Barker, P.
  • N-264 (Child Psychiatric Nursing)

  • Joint care of parents and infants in perinatal psychiatry, 2016
    utter-Dallay, A. & 3 others, editors
  • Helping kids in crisis: managing psychiatric emergencies in children and adolescents, 2015
    Edited by Haddad, F. & Gerson, R.
  • Psychiatric drug in children and adolescents: basic pharmacology and practical application, 2014
    Gerlach, M., Warnke, A. & Greenhill, L, editors
  • Back to normal: why ordinary childhood behavior is mistaken for ADHD, bipolar disorder and autism spectrum disorder, 2013
    Gnaulati, E.
  • Understanding other minds: perspectives from developmental social neuroscience, 2013
    Edited by Baron-Cohen, S., Tager-Flusberg, H. & Lombardo, M.
  • Pharmacotherapy of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders, 3rd edition, 2012
    Edited by Rosenberg, D. & Gershon, S.
  • Counselling children with psychological problems, 2011
    Kapur, M.
  • DSM-IV-TR casebook and treatment guide for child mental health, 2009
    Edited by Galanter, C. & Jensen, P.
  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy after child abuse: the treatment of adults and children who have experienced sexual abuse, violence and neglect in childhood, 2008
    Mcqueen, D. & 4 others
  • N-266 (Field Experience in Mental-Health Psychiatric Nursing)

  • Psychiatric mental health nursing: concepts of care in evidence-based practice, 9th edition, 2018
    Townsend, M. & Morgan, K.
  • Scope and standards of practice: psychiatric mental health nursing, 2nd edition, 2014
    Courtois, C. & Ford, J.
  • Treatment of complex trauma: a sequenced, relationship-based approach, 2013

  • Psychiatric-mental health nursing: evidence-based concepts, skills and practices, 8th edition, 2013
    Mohr, W.
  • A vision for psychiatric/mental health nursing: a shared journey for mental health care in Ireland, 2012

  • Psychiatric mental health nursing success: a course review applying critical thinking to test taking, 2009
    Curtis, C., Fegley, A. & Tuzo, C.

    N-221 (Family Health Nursing)

  • Pediatric primary care: practice guidelines for nurses, 4th edition, 2020
    Edited by Richardson, B.
  • Nelson essentials of pediatrics, 8th edition, 2019
    Marcdante, K. & Kliegman, R.
  • Introduction to maternity and pediatric nursing, 10th edition, 2019
    Leifer, G.
  • Foundations of maternal-newborn and women’s health nursing, 7th edition, 2019
    Murray, S. & 3 others
  • Essential clinical skills in pediatrics: a practical guide to history taking and clinical examination, 2018
    Saadoon, A.
  • Wong’s essential of pediatric nursing, 10th edition, 2017
    Hockenberry, M., Wilson, D. & Rodgers, C.
  • Principles of Pediatric Nursing Caring for Children, 7th edition, 2017
    Ball, J. & 3 others
  • Family practice guidelines, 4th edition, 2017
    Cash, J. & Glass, C.
  • Pediatric nutrition in practice, 2nd edition, 2015
    Koletzko, B. & 6 others, editors
  • Family health care nursing: theory, practice and research, 5th edition, 2015
    Kaakinen, J. & 4 others
  • Foundations of maternal-newborn and women’s health nursing, 6th edition, 2014
    Murrary, S. & McKinney, E.
  • Essentials of pediatric nursing, 2nd edition, 2013
    Kyle, T. & Carman, S.
  • Nurses and families: a guide to family assessment and intervention, 5th edition, 2009
    Wright, L. & Leahey, M.
  • N-222(Nursing in Chronic Diseases and Conditions)

  • Pre-eclampsia: prevention, prediction and possibilities, 2021
    Desai, P.
  • Wound care essentials practice principles, 5th edition, 2020
    Baranoski, S. & Ayello, E., editors
  • Pulmonary embolism: from acute PE to chronic complications, 2020
    Heresi, G. & Rivera-Lebron, B., editors
  • Cardiac intensive care, 3rd edition, 2019
    Brown, D.
  • Pellock’s pediatric epilepsy: diagnosis and therapy, 4th edition, 2017
    Pellock, J. & 3 others
  • Ultrasound imaging in acute and chronic kidney disease, 2016
    Meola, M., Petrucci, I. & Ronco, C., editors
  • Emergency medicine: the principles of practice, 6th edition, 2014
    Edited by Fulde, G. & Fulde, S.
  • Hemostasis and thrombosis: basic principles and clinical practice, 6th edition, 2013
    Marder, V. & 4 others, editors
  • Nursing care in pediatric respiratory disease, 2012
    Edited by Tolomeo, C.
  • Managing long-term conditions and chronic illness in primary care: a guide to good practice, 2009
    Carrier, J.
  • Liver diseases: an essential guide for nurses and health care professionals, 2009
    Edited by Sargent, S.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, 2nd edition, 2008
    Sharma, V.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary care, 2006
    Barnett, M.
  • The holistic nursing approach to chronic disease in primary care, 2004
    Clark, C.
  • N-223 & 224 (Ecological Aspects and Advanced Community Health Nursing)

  • Foundations of infectious disease: a public health perspective, 2021
    Adams, D.
  • Community health nursing: a Canadian perspective, 5th edition, 2020
    Stamler, L. & 4 others
  • Community/public health nursing: promoting the health of populations, 7th edition, 2019
    Nies, M. & McEwen, M.
  • Community and public health nursing: promoting the public’s health, 9th edition, 2018
    Rector, C.
  • Public health nursing: population-centered health care in the community, 9th edition, 2016
    Stanhope, M.
  • Population and community health nursing: population and community health nursing, 6th edition, 2015
    Clark, M.J.
  • Community psychology and community mental health: towards transformative change, 2014
    Nelson, G., Kloos, B. & Ornelas, J.
  • Community health nursing test success: an unfolding case study review, 2013
    Cornelius, F. & Wittmann-Price, R.
  • Environmental policy and public health: air pollution, global climate change and wilderness, 2012
    Rom, W.
  • Air pollution: health and environmental impacts, 2010
    Edited by Gurjar, B., Molina, L. & Ojha, C.
  • Introduction to occupational health in public health practice, 2009
    Healey, B. & Walker, K.
  • Public health nursing: a textbook for health visitors, school nurses and occupational health nurses, 2009
    Edited by Thornbory, G.
  • N-225 (Field Experience in Community Health Nursing)

  • Population-based public health clinical manual: the henry street model for nurses, 3rd edition, 2019
    Schoon, P., Porta, C. & Schaffer, M.
  • Contemporary health promotion in nursing practice, 2014
    Raingruber, B.
  • 2012 community health needs assessment, 2012
    Aitken, A.
  • Community palliative care: the role of the clinical nurse specialist, 2009
  • Tutor’s guide for community health nursing training schools, volume 2, 2009
    Dreher, M. & Asselin, M.
  • Healthy places, healthy people: a handbook for culturally competent community nursing practice, 2006
    Dreher, M. & Asselin, M.
  • Nursing in the community: an essential guide to practice, 2004
    Edited by Chilton, S., Melling, K. & Clarridge, A.
  • Transcultural health care: a culturally competent approach, 2nd edition, 2003
    Paulanka, B. & Purnell, L.

  • Philosophy of mind in the twentieth and twenty-first century: the history of the philosophy of mind, volume 6, 2019
    Edited by Kind, A.
  • Big ideas for curious minds: an introduction to philosophy, 2018
  • An introduction to robophilosophy, 2016
    Tzafestas, S.
  • The human being, the world and god: studies at the interface of philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind and neuroscience, 2016
    Runehov, A.
  • An introduction to philosophy, 2015
    Payne, W.R. & College, B.
  • Philosophy for A2: ethics and philosophy of mind, 2-15
    Lacewing, M.
  • Introducing philosophy: god, mind, world and logic, 2015
    Tennant, N.
  • Philosophy and education: an introduction to key questions and themes, 2015
    Haynes, J., Gale, K. and Parker, M.
  • Fundamentals of philosophy, 8th edition, 2013
    Stewart, D., Blocker, H. & Petrik, J.
  • And man created god: kings, cults, and conquests at the time of Jesus, 2012
    O’Grady, S.
  • A brief introduction: the philosophy of mind, 2005
    Campbell, N.

  • Mathematical statistics, 2018
    Rasch, D. & Schott, D.
  • An introduction to mathematical statistics and its application, 6th edition, 2018
    Larsen, R. & Marx, M.
  • Probability: an introduction with statistical application, 2nd edition, 2018
    Kinney, J.
  • An introduction to statistics: an active learning approach, 2nd edition, 2018
    Carlson, K. & Winquist, J.
  • Introductory biostatistics, 2016
    Le, C. & Eberly, L.
  • Introduction to statistics and data analysis: with exercises, solutions and applications in R, 2016
    Heumann, C., Schomaker, M & Shalabh
  • Biostatistics for epidemiology and public health using R, 2016
    Chan, B.
  • Advanced statistical methods in data science, 2016
    Chen, D. & 4 others
  • An introduction to statistical methods & data analysis, 7th edition, 2016
    Ott, R. & Longnecker, M.
  • An introduction to statistical learning: with applications in R, 2013
    James, G. & 3 others
  • Modern statistics for the social and behavioral sciences: a practical introduction, 2012
    Wilcox, R.
  • Introduction to statistics for nurses, 2007
    Maltby, J., Day, L. & Williams, G.

  • Introduction to nursing research: incorporating evidence-based practice, 5th edition, 20020
    Edited by Boswell, C. & Cannon, S.
  • Understanding nursing research: building an evidence-based practice, 7th edition, 2019
    Grove, S. & Gray, J.
  • Foundations of nursing research, 7th edition, 2018
    Nieswiadomy, R. & Bailey, C.
  • Nursing research: reading, using and creating evidence, 4th edition, 2018
    Houser, J.
  • Frameworks for advanced nursing practice and research: philosophies, theories, models and taxonomies, 2018
    Utley, R., Henry, K. & Smith, L.
  • Nursing research: generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice, 10th edition, 2017
    Polit, D. & Beck, C.
  • Resource manual for nursing research: generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice, 10th edition, 2017
    Polit, D. & Beck, C.
  • Reading, understanding, and applying nursing research, 5th edition, 2017
    Fain, J.
  • Using nursing research to shape: health policy, 2017
    Grady, P. & Hinshaw, A., editors
  • Building and sustaining a hospital-based nursing research program, 2016
    Albert, N.
  • Understanding nursing research: building an evidence-based practice, 6th edition, 2015
    Grove, S., Gray, J. & Burns, N.
  • Qualitative research in nursing and healthcare, 2010
    Holloway, I. & Wheeler, S.
  • Mixed methods research for nursing and the health sciences, 2009
    Edited by Andrew, S. & Halcomb, E.
  • Qualitative research for allied health professionals: challenging choices, 2006
    Edited by Finlay, L. & Ballinger, C.

  • Inter-organizational cultre: linking relationship marketing with organizational behaviors, 2019
    Larentis, F., Antonello, C. & Slongo, L.
  • Essentials of organizational behavior: an evidence-based approach, 2nd edition, 2019
    Scandura, T.
  • Organizational behavior: emerging knowledge, global reality, 8th edition, 2018
    McShane, St. & Glinow, M.
  • Nursing research critiques: a model for excellence, 2018
    Bauce, K. & Fitzpatrick, J.
  • Essentials of organizational behavior, 4th edition, 2018
    Robbins, S. & Judge, T.
  • Organizational behavior, 17th edition, 2017
    Robbins, S. & Judge, T.
  • Human behavior and the social environment: macro level groups, communities and organizations, 3rd edition, 2107
    Wormer, K. & Besthorn, F.
  • Leader sights: creating great leaders who create great workplaces, 2017
    Veech, D.
  • Organizational behavior: concepts, controversies applications, 2016
    Langton, N. & 4 others
  • Organizational behavior, theory and design in health care, 2nd edition, 2016
    Borkowski, N.
  • Organizational behavior: a practical, problem solving approach, 2016
    Fugate, K.
  • Managing human behavior in public and nonprofit organizations, 4th edition, 2016
    Denhardt, R. Denhardt, J. & Aristigueta, M.
  • Handbook of human resources management, 2016
    Zeuch, M. editor
  • The science of successful organizational change: how leaders set strategy, change behavior and create an agile culture, 2015
    Gibbons, P.
  • Crisis-related decision making and the influence of culture on the behavior of decision makers cross-cultural behavior in crisis preparedness and response, 2015
    Bernhardsdottir, A.
  • Organizational theory, 1st edition, 2014
    Laegaard, J. & Bindslev, M.
  • Human resources management: concepts, methodologies, tools and applications, 2012
  • Organizations: behavior, structure, processes, 14th edition, 2012
    Gibson, J. & 3 others
  • Organizational behavior: integrating individuals, groups, and organization, 4th edition, 2011
    Champoux, J.
  • Organizational behavior, 2011
    Hellriegel, D. & Slocum, J. Jr.
  • Organizational traps: leadership, culture, organizational design, 2010
    Argyris, V.
  • Handbook of principles of organizational behavior: indispensable knowledge for evidence-based management, 2nd edition, 2009
    Edited by Locke, E.
  • Organizational behavior: human behavior at work, 12th edition, 2007
    Newstrom, J.
  • Understanding and managing organizational behavior, 2006