Graduate Studies E-books


MIS101 – IS Organization, Management and Administration

  • Sustainable Innovation: Trends in Marketing and Management, 2020
    Edited by Arora, A. [and 3 others]
  • Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology, 9th edition, 2019
    Bordoloi, S., Fitzsimmons, J. & Fitzsimmons, M.
  • Agile strategy management in the digital age: how dynamic balanced scorecards transform decision making, speed and effectiveness, 2019
    Wiraeus, D. and Creelman, J.
  • Digital Technology and Organizational Change: Reshaping Technology, People, and Organizations Towards a Global Society, 2018
    Rossignoli, C., Virili, F. & Za, S. editors
  • Information Technology Risk Management and Compliance in Modern Organizations, 2018
    Gupta, M and Sharman, R.
  • Industry 4.0: managing the digital transformation, 2018
    Ustundag, A. and Cevikcan, E.
  • Securing an IT Organization through Governance, Risk Management, and Audit, 2016
    Sigler, K. and Rainey, J. III
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship: theory, policy and practice, 2015
    Carayannis, E., Samara, E. and Bakouros, Y.
  • Management information system: managing the digital firm, 13th edition, 2014
    Laudon, K. and Laudon, J.
  • Essentials of Management Information System, 10th edition, 2013
    Laudon, K. and Laudon, J.
  • Information storage and management: storing managing and protecting digital information in classic virtualized and cloud environments, 2nd edition, 2012
    Edited by Gnanasundaram, S. and Shrivastava, A.
  • Wireless Technology Prospects and Policy Options, 2011
    Committee on Wireless Technology Prospects and Policy Options, National Research Council
  • Managing Electronic Media: Making, Marketing, and Moving Digital Content, 2010
    Tassel, J.V., and Poe-Howfield, L.
  • Principles of information systems: a managerial approach, 9th edition, 2010
    Stair, R. and Reynolds, G.
  • Managing innovation: integrating technological, market and organizational change, 4th edition, 2009
    Tidd, J. and Bessant, J.
  • MIS102 – IT Project Management

  • Cost accounting and financial management for construction project managers, 2019
    Holm, L.
  • IT project management: a geek’s guide to leadership, 2017
    Love, B.
  • Project management: a system approach to planning, scheduling and controlling, 12th edition, 2017
    Kerzner, H.
  • Project management, planning and control: managing engineering, construction and manufacturing projects to PMI, APM and BSI standards, 2107
    Lester, A.
  • Information technology project management, 8th edition, 2016
    Schwalbe, K.
  • Use projectLibre for project management, 2015
    Ecclestone, T.
  • A systems approach to modeling community development projects, 2015
    Amader, B.
  • Project management information systems: a handbook for managing development project management information systems in sub-Saharan Africa, 2011
    Musingafi, M., Dumbu, E. and Dube, H.
  • Managing and leading software projects, 2009
    Dick-Fairley, R.
  • Projects in computing and information systems: a student’s guide, 2nd edition, 2009
    Dawson, C.
  • Five years of IT management improvement: eight cases from the master of IT management, 2009
    Edited by Mari, G.
  • Project management for information systems, 5th edition, 2008
    Cadle, J. and Yeates, D.
  • Information systems project management: how to deliver function and value in information technology projects, 2nd edition, 2005
    Hallows, J.
  • MIS103 – Advance Financial and Managerial Accounting

  • Accounting principles, 13th edition, 2018
    Weygandt, J., Kimmel, P. and Kieso, D.
  • Reshaping accounting and management control systems: new opportunities from business information systems, 2017
    Corsi, K. [and 3 others], editors
  • Advanced financial accounting, 11th edition, 2016
    Christensen, T., Cottrell, D. and Budd, C.
  • Advanced accounting and financial reporting: study support material, 2016
  • Windows server 2016: domain infrastructure, 2016
    Artisans, T.
  • Accounting information systems: the crossroads of accounting & IT, 2nd edition, 2014
    Kay, D. and Ovlia, A.
  • SPSS for dummies, 2nd edition, 2014
    Griffith, A.
  • Accounting information systems: controls and processes, 2nd edition, 2013
    Turner, L. and Weickgenannt, A
  • Core concepts of accounting information systems, 12th edition, 2012
    Simkin, M., Rose, J. and Norman, C.
  • Management accounting: information for decision-making and strategy execution, 6th edition, 2012
    Atkinson, A. [and 3 others]
  • Information quality and management accounting: a simulation analysis of biases in costing systems, 2012
    Leitner, S.
  • Practical lean accounting: a proven system for measuring and managing the lean enterprises, 2nd edition, 2011
    Maskell, B., Baggaley, B. and Grasso, L.
  • Programming and data management for IBM SPSS statistics 20: a guide for IBM SPSS statistics and SAS users, 2011
    Levesque, R. and IBM Corp.
  • Accounting information systems, 7th edition, 2011
    Hall, J.
  • Management accounting and integrated information systems: how to exploit the potential for management accounting of information technology, 2008
    Rom, A.
  • Corporate accounting information systems, 2007
    Boczko, T.
  • MIS104 – IS Policy

  • Managing data science: effective strategies to manage data science projects and build a sustainable team, 2019
    Dubovikov, K.
  • Information systems for business and beyond , 2019
    Bourgeois, D. [and 3 others]
  • User-centric privacy and security in biometrics, 2018
    Edited by Vielhauer, C.
  • HCI challenges and privacy preservation in big data security, 2018
    Lopez, D. and Durai, M.
  • Windows security monitoring: scenarios and patterns, 2018
    Miroshnikov, A.
  • Privacy and security policies in big data, 2017
    Tamane, S., Solanki, V. and Dey, N.
  • Security government information and data in developing countries, 2017
    Zoughbi, S.
  • Security and privacy in internet of things (IoTs): models, algorithms and implementations, 2016
    Edited by Hu, F.
  • Healthcare information management systems: cases, strategies, and solutions, 4th edition, 2016
    Weaver, C. [and 3 others]
  • Health information exchange: navigating and managing a network of health information systems, 2016
    Edited by Dixon, Brian
  • The strategic management of information systems: building a digital strategy, 4th edition, 2016
    Peppard, J and Wiley, J.
  • Safe surfer: protecting your privacy in the digital age, 2015
    Hellweg, M.
  • Policy practice and digital science: integrating complex systems social simulation and public administration in policy research, 2015
    Janssen, M., Winmer, M. and Deljoo, A., editor
  • Security and privacy in smart grids, 2014
    Edited by Xiao, Y.
  • Information security policy development for compliance, 2013
    Williams, B.
  • Strategies and priorities for information technology at the centers for medicare and Medicaid services, 2012
    Shortliffe, E. and Millett, L.
  • Building information modeling: a strategic implementation guide for architects’ engineers’ constructors and real estate asset managers, 2009
    Smith, D. and Tardif, M.
  • Information security: policy, processes and practices, 2008
    Straub, D., Goodman, S. and Baskerville, R., editors
  • Web and information security, 2006
    Ferrari, E. and Thuraisingham, B.
  • Information security policies and actions in modern integrated systems, 2004
    Fugini, M. and Bellettini, C.
  • E-mail rules: a business guide to managing policies, security and legal issues for e-mail and digital commination, 2003
    Flynn, N.
  • MIS 105 – Advance Business Analytics

  • Data analytics: effective methods for presenting results, 2019
    Samaddar, S. and Nargundkar, S.
  • Advanced data analytics using python: with machine learning, deep learning and NLP examples, 2018
    Mukhopadhyay, S.
  • Business analytics: data analysis and decision making, 6th edition, 2017
    Albright, S. and Winston, W.
  • Business analytics for managers: taking business intelligence beyond reporting, 2nd edition, 2017
    Laursen, G. and Thorlund, J.
  • Business intelligence and analytics, 2017
    Edited by Bentley, D.
  • Pro Hadoop data analytics: designing and building big data systems using the Hadoop ecosystem, 2017
    Koitzsch, K.
  • Data mining for business analytics: concepts’, techniques, and applications with JMP Pro, 2017
    Shmueli, G. [and 3 others]
  • Social media analytics strategy: using data to optimize business performance, 2017
    Goncalves, A.
  • Learn business analytics in six steps using SAS and R: a practical, step-by-step guise to learning business analytics, 2016
    Tripathi, S.
  • Advanced business analytics: essentials for developing a competitive advantage, 2016
    Bhaduri, S. and Fogarty, D.
  • Data analytics and linux operating system: bundle manuscript beginners guide ti learn data analytics, predictive analytics and data science with linux operating system, 2016
    Cody, I.
  • Data mining for business analytics: concepts, techniques and applications with XLMiner, 2016
    Shmueli, G., Bruce, P. and Patel, N.
  • Google analytics breakthrough: from zero to business impact, 2016
    Alhlou, F., Asif, S. and Fettman, E.
  • Key business analytics: the 60+ business analysis tools every manager needs to know, 2016
    Marr, B.
  • SAP business analytics: a best practice guide for implementing business analytics using SAP, 2016
    DuttaRoy, S.
  • Getting started with data science making sense of data with analytics, 2016
    Haider, M.
  • Disruptive analytics: charting your strategy for next-generation business analytics, 2016
    Dinsmore, T.
  • Modern erp: select, implement, & use today’s advanced business systems, 3rd edition, 2015
    Bradford, M.
  • Big-data analytics and cloud computing: theory, algorithms and applications, 2015
    Trovati, M. [and 4 others]
  • IBM software defined infrastructure for big data analytics workloads, 2015
    Quintero, D. [and 7 others]
  • Data science and big data analytics: discovering, analyzing, visualizing and presenting data, 2015
  • Win with advanced business analytics: creating business value from your data, 2014
    Perez, C.
  • Win with advanced business analytics: creating business value from your data, 2013
    Isson, J. and Harriott, J.
  • Big data, big analytics: emerging business intelligence and analytic trends for today’s business, 2013
    Minelli, M., Chambers, M. and Dhiraj, A.
  • Real-time big data analytics: emerging architecture, 2013
    Barlow, M.
  • Business analytics for sales and marketing managers: how to compete in the information age, 2011
    Laursen, G.
  • MIS106 – Advance Enterprise Data Management

  • Building the agile enterprise with capabilities, collaborations and values, 2nd edition, 2017
    Cummins, F.
  • Enterprise risk and opportunity management: concepts and step-by-step examples for pioneering scientific and technical organizations, 2017
    Benjamin, A.
  • Enterprise content and search management for building digital platforms, 2017
    Shivakumar, S.
  • Big data: storage, sharing and security, 2016
    Edited by Hu, F.
  • Big data essentials, 2016
    Maheshwari, A.
  • Enterprise information management in practice: managing data and leveraging profits in today’s complex business environment, 2105
    Chaki, S.
  • Data visualization for oracle business intelligence 11g: create highly visual presentations of BI data, 2015
    Vlamis, D. and Vlamis, T.
  • Linked data management: emerging directions in database systems and application, 2014
    Edited by Harth, A., Hose, K. and Schenkel, R.
  • Large scale and big data: processing and management, 2014
    Edited by Sakr, S. and Gaber, M.
  • Big data: techniques and technologies in geoinformatics, 2014
    Edited by Karimi, H.
  • Enterprise data workflows with cascading, 2013
    Nathan, P.
  • Enterprise architecture patterns: practical solutions for recurring IT-architecture problems, 2013
    Perroud, T. and Inversini, R.
  • Data management for multimedia retrieval, 2010
    Canda, K.S. and Sapino, M.L.
  • Enterprise architecture as strategy: creating a foundation for business execution, 2006
    Ross, J., Weill, P. and Robertson, D.
  • MIS 107 – Advance Analytics Modeling

  • Pricing analytics: models and advanced quantitative techniques for product pricing, 2019
    Paczkowski, W.
  • Business process modeling, simulation and design, 3rd edition, 2019
    Laguna, M. and Marklund, J.
  • Excel data analysis: modeling and simulation, 2nd edition, 2019
    Guerrero, H.
  • Electrical machines and drives: fundamentals and advanced modelling, 2018
    Melkebeek, J.
  • Mathematical modeling for business analytics, 2018
    Fox, W.
  • Quantitative trading: algorithms, analytics, data, models, optimization, 2017
    Guo, X. [and 3 others]
  • Managerial decision modeling: business analytics with spreadsheets, 4th edition, 2017
    Balakrishnan, N. [ and 3 others]
  • Analytical modeling of solute transport in groundwater: using models to understand the effect of natural processes on contaminant fate and transport, 2017
    Goltz, M. and Huang, J.
  • Model-driven software engineering in practice, 2nd edition, 2017
  • Attribution modelling in google analytics and beyond, 2016
    Sharma, H.
  • Structural mechanics: modelling and analysis of frames and trusses, 2016
    Olsson, K. and Dahlblom, O.
  • Derivatives analytics with python: data analysis, models, simulation, calibration and hedging, 2015
    Hilpisch, Y.
  • Meta-analysis: a structural equation modeling approach, 2015
    Cheung, M.
  • Power system stability: modelling, analysis and control, 2015
    Sallam, A. and Malik, O.
  • Architecting the cloud: design decisions for cloud computing service models (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS), 2014
    Kavis, M.
  • Microsoft excel 2013: data analysis and business modeling, 2014
    Winston, W.
  • Mechanical systems, classical models volume III: analytical mechanics, 2009
    Teodorescu, P.
  • Mechanical systems, classical models volume II: mechanics of discrete and continuous systems, 2009
    Teodorescu, P.
  • Advanced analytical models: over 800 models and 300 applications from the Basel II Accord to Wall Street and beyond, 2008
    Mun, J.
  • MIS 108 – Advance Analytics Tools and Techniques

  • Exploring beaglebone: tools and techniques for building with embedded linux, 2nd edition, 2019
    Molloy, D.
  • Unstructured data analytics: how to improve customer acquisition, customer retention, and fraud detection and prevention, 2018
    Isson, J.P.
  • Big data analytics: tools and technology for effective planning, 2018
    Edited by Somani, A. and Deka, G.C.
  • Hands-on machine learning with scikit-learn and tensorflow: concepts, tools and techniques to build intelligent systems, 2017
    Geron, A.
  • Connected health: improving care, safety, and efficiency with wearables and IoT solution, 2017
    Krohn, R., Metcalf, D. and Salber, P.
  • Healthcare analytics: from data to knowledge to healthcare improvement, 2106
    Yang, H. and Lee, E.
  • Careers in health information technology, 2015
    Malec, B.
  • Fraud and fraud detection: a data analytics approach, 2015
    Gee, S.
  • Creating a data-driven organization: practical advice from the trenches, 2015
    Anderson, C.
  • Designing delivery: rethinking IT in the digital service economy, 2105
    Sussna, J.
  • Fraud analytics using descriptive, predictive, and social network techniques: a guide to data science for fraud detection, 2015
    Baesens, B., Vlasselaer, V., and Verbeke, W.
  • Agile data science, 2014
    Jurney, R.
  • Adaptive code via C#: agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles, 2014
    Hall, G.M.
  • Client-server web apps with javaScript and java, 2014
    Saternos, C.
  • 101 design ingredients to solve big tech problems, 20113
    Chen, E.
  • Using analytics to detect possible fraud: tools and techniques, 2013
    Mantone, P.
  • Async JavaScript: build more responsive apps with less code, 2012
    Burnham, T.
  • Cloud architecture patterns, 2012
    Wilder, B.
  • Building hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and node, 2012
    Amundsen, M.
  • Building and testing with gradle, 2011
    Berglund, T. and McCullough, M.
  • Data analysis with open source tools, 2011
    Janert, P.
  • Autotools: a practitioner’s guide to GNU autoconf, automake, and libtool, 2010
    Calcote, J.
  • Designing web interfaces, 2009
    Scott, B. and Neil, T.
  • MIS 201 – Advance Analytics Application

  • Aptamers for analytical applications: affinity acquisition and method design, 2019
    Dong, Y.
  • Advances in analytics and applications, 2019
    Laha, A.K.
  • Applications of big data analytics: trends, issues and challenges, 2018
    Alani, M., [and 3 others]
  • Introducing communication theory: analysis and application, 6th edition, 2018
    West, R. and Turner, L.
  • Network security and cryptography: a self-teaching introduction , 2018
    Musa, S.
  • Operating system concepts, 10th edition, 2018
    Siberschatz, A., Galvin, P. and Gagne, G.
  • Computer systems: digital design, fundamentals of computer architecture and assembly language, 2018
    Elahi, A.
  • Advanced analytical dynamics: theory and applications, 2017
    Sapio, V.
  • Networked control systems: research challenges and advances for application, 2017
    Godoy, E.P.
  • Artificial neural networks: a practical course, 2017
    Siva, I [and 3 others]
  • Digital analytics: data driven decision making in digital world, 2016
    Kamki, J.
  • Java: easy java programming for beginners, your step-by-step guide to learning java programming, 2015
    Alvaro, F.
  • Modern operating systems, 4th edition, 2015
    Tanenbaum, A. and Bos, H.
  • Troubleshooting automotive computer system, 2015
    Gavi, H.
  • Neural network design, 2nd edition, 2014
    Hagan, M [ and 3 others]
  • Principles of modern operating systems, 2nd edition, 2013
    Garrido, J., Schlesinger, R., and Hoganson, K.
  • Computational intelligence and its applications: evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, neural network and support v tor machine techniques, 2012
    Lam, H.K., Ling, S.H. and Nguyen, H.T.
  • Cryptography and network security, 2008
    Kahate, A.