College of Nursing E-Books

First Year Level


  • Analyzing and conceptualizing the theoretical foundations of nursing, 2017
    Morse, Janice M.
  • Nursing theories and nursing practice, 4th edition, 2015
    Smith, M. & Parker, M.
  • An introductory theory and reasoning in nursing, 4th edition, 2015
    Johnson, Betty and Webber, Pamela
  • Nursing theory: utilization & application, 2014
    Alligood, Martha
  • Theoretical basis for nursing, 4th edition, 2014
    McEwen, M. & Wills, E.
  • Theoretical nursing: development and progress, 5th edition, 2012
    Meleis, Afaf Ibrahim
  • Family health care nursing: theory, practice and research, 4th edition, 2010
    Kaakinen, J. & 3 others

  • Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology for nursing and healthcare students, 2017
    Edited by Peate, Ian and Nair, Muralitharan
  • Anatomy and physiology for nurses at a glance, 2015
    Peate, Ian and Nair, Muralitharan
  • Ross and Wilson anatomy and physiology in health and illness, 12th edition, 2014
    Waugh, Anne and Grant, Allison
  • Anatomy and physiology, 2013
  • Ross and Wilson anatomy and physiology in health and illness, 11th edition, 2010
    Waugh, Anne and Grant, Allison
  • Essentials of anatomy and physiology, 5th edition, 2007,
    Scanlon, Valerie and Sanders, Tina


  • Lehninger principles of biochemistry, 7th edition., 2017
    Nelson, D. and Cox, M.
  • Lippincott’s illustrated reviews: biochemistry, 6th edition, 2014
    Ferrier, Denise
  • Biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, 6th edition, 2014
    Lieberman, M. & Ricer, R.
  • Biochemistry: with clinical concepts & case studies, 2013
    Satyanarayana, Dr. U and Chakrapani, Dr. U.
  • Textbook of biochemistry for medical students, 7th edition, 2013
    Vasudevan, Sreekumanri & Vaidyanathan
  • Biochemistry: Questions and answers, 2013
    Mallikarjuna, Dr. N.
  • Textbook of biochemistry for medical students, 6th edition, 2011
    Vasudevan, Sreekumanri & Vaidyanathan
  • Lippincott’s illustrated Q & A review of biochemistry, 2010
    Lieberman, M. & Ricer, R.
  • Harper’s illustrated biochemistry, 2009
    Murray, R. and 5 others

  • Health assessment, 2019
    Mohamed, Dr. Asmaa H.
  • Health assessment: CLPNA self-study course, 2018
  • Bates’ guide to physical examination and history taking, _12th edition,
    Bickley, Lynn S.
  • Pocket companion for physical examination & health assessment, 7th edition, 2016
    Jarvis, Carolyn
  • Health & physical assessment in nursing, 2016
    D’Amico and Barbarito
  • Oxford handbook of clinical examination and practical skills, 2nd edition, 2014
    Thomas, Dr. James
  • Health assessment in nursing, 5th edition, 2014
    Weber, J. & Kelley J.
  • Health assessment for nursing practice, 5th edition, 2013
    Wilson, Susan & Giddens, Jean

  • Nursing: health education and improving patient self-management, 2018
    Sassen, Barbara
  • Health promotion throughout the life span, 9th edition, 2018
    Edelman & Kudzma
  • Creative clinical teaching in the health professions, 2015
    Melrose, S., Park, C. & Perry, B.
  • Health promotion in nursing practice, 2015
    Pender, N., Murdaugh, C. & Parsons, M.A.
  • Contemporary health promotion in nursing practice, 2014
    Raingruber, Bonnie

  • Paniker’s textbook of medical parasitology, 8th edition, 2018
    Paniker, J. & Ghosh, S.
  • Benson’s microbiological application: laboratory manual in general microbiology, 14th edition, 2017
    Brown, A. & Smith, H.
  • Molecular microbiology: diagnostic principles and practice, 3rd edition, 2016
    Persing, D. & 7 others, editors
  • Paniker’s textbook of medical parasitology, 7th edition, 2013
    Paniker, J. & Ghosh, S.
  • The short textbook of medical microbiology: including parasitology, 10th edition, 2010
    Gupte, Satish
  • Medical parasitology, 2009
    Satoskar, A. & 3 others

  • Kozier & Erb’s fundamentals of nursing: concepts, process, and practice, 10th edition, 2016
    Berman, A. Snyder, S. & Frandsen, G.
  • Fundamentals of nursing, 8th edition, 2013
    Potter, P. & 3 others
  • Fundamentals of nursing: the art and science of nursing care, 7th edition, 2011
  • Fundamentals of nursing, 2010
    Berman, A. & 13 others
  • Second Year Level


  • Introduction to community-based nursing, 5th edition, 2013
    Hunt, Roberta
  • Community health nursing: promoting and protecting the public’s health, 7th edition, 2010
    Hudith Ann Allender, Cherie Rector and Kristine D. Warner
  • Community health care nursing, 4th edition, 2009
    Edited: Sines, D, Saunders, M. and Forbes-Burford, J.
  • Introduction to community-based nursing, 2009
    Hunt, Roberta
  • Community health nursing, 2006
    Mengistu, D. and Misganaw, E.
  • Community health nursing: frameworks for practice, 2nd edition, 2003
    Watkins, D., Edwards, J. and Gastrell, P.

  • Nutrition and diet therapy, 9th edition, 2016
    DeBruyne, L., Pinna, K. and Whitney, E.
  • Diet therapy in advanced practice nursing: nutrition prescriptions for improved patient outcomes, 2014
    Ferraro, K. and Winter, C.H.
  • Nutrition and diet therapy, 10 edition, 2011
    Roth, Ruth
  • Nutrition and diet therapy: self-instructional approaches, 5th edition, 2010
    Stanfiled, P. and Hul, Y.H.
  • Introduction to human nutrition, 2nd edition, 2009
    Edited by Gibeney, M. and 3 others
  • Fundamentals of foods, nutrition and diet therapy, 5th edition, 2007
    Mudambi S.R. and Rajagopa;, M.V.
  • Basic nutrition module, 2007
    DOH Bureau of WIC and Nutrition Service

  • Clayton’s basic pharmacology for nurses, 18th edition, 2020
    Willihnganz, Gurevitz, and Clayton, B.
  • Clinical pharmacology, 12th edition, 2019
    Brown, M. and 3 others
  • Principles of pharmacology: the pathophysiologic basis of drug therapy, 2017
    Golan, D. Armstrong, E. and Armstrong A.
  • Pharmacology: a patient-centered nursing process approach, 8th edition, 2015
    Kee, J., Hayes, E. and McCuistion. L.
  • Pharmacology for nurses: a pathophysiologic approach, 4th edition, 2014
    Adams, M. Holland, N. and Urban, C.
  • Nursing pharmacology made incredibly easy!, 2013
  • Essentials of medical pharmacology, 7th edition, 2013
    Tripathi, KD
  • Basic & clinical pharmacology, 12th edition, 2012
    Katzung, Masters, and Trevor

  • Reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, 3rd edition, 2016
    Editors: Black, R. & 3 others
  • Paediatrics at a glance, 4th edition, 2016
    Miall, L. Rudolf, M. & Smith, D.
  • Early childhood matters: advances in early childhood development, 2016
  • Every women, every child: the global strategy for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health (2016-2030), 2015
  • Nursing procedures and interventions: textbook for bachelor’s and master degree programmes, 2014
    Daniel Jirkovsky
  • Foundations of maternal-newborn and women’s health nursing, 6th edition, 2014
    Murray, S. & McKinney, E.
  • Old’s maternal-newborn nursing & women health: across the lifespan, 9th edition, 2012
    Davidson, M. London, M & Ladewig, P.
  • Maternal & child health nursing: care of the childbearing & childrearing family, 6th edition, 2010
    Pillitteri, Adele
  • Maternal-newborn nursing demystified, 2010
    Johnson, Joyce
  • Maternal-newborn nursing: the critical components of nursing care, 2010
    Chapman, L. & Durham, R.

  • Medical ethics manual, 3rd edition, 2015
    World Medical Association
  • Medical ethics today: the BMA’s handbook of ethics and law, 2012
  • Ethics and public health, 2012

  • Informatics and nursing opportunities and challenges, 6th edition, 2019
    Sewell, Jeanne
  • Nursing informatics for the advanced practice nurse: patient safety, quality, outcomes and interprofessionalism, 2016
    McBride, S. & Tietze, M.
  • Essentials of nursing informatics: study guide, 2016
    Brixey, J. & 3 others
  • Essentials of nursing informatics, 6th edition, 2015
    Saba, Virgnia
  • Third Year Level


  • Foundations of nursing research, 2018
    Nieswiadomy, R. & Bailry, C.
  • Resource manual for nursing research: generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice, 10th edition, 2017
    Polit, D. & Beck, C.
  • Burns and Grove’s the practice of nursing research: appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence, 2017
    Gray, J. Grove, S. & Sutherland, S.
  • Understanding nursing research: building and evidence-based practice, 2015
    Grove, S. Gray, J. & Burns, N.
  • Nursing research using data analysis: qualitative designs and methods in nursing, 2015
    Chesnay, Mary de, editor
  • Nursing research using phenomenology: qualitative designs and methods in nursing, 2015
    Chesnay, Mary de

  • Smeltzer & Bare’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing: Volume 1, 4th edition, 2017
    Farrell, M., edited
  • All-in-one nursing care planning resource: medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity, and psychiatric, 2016
    Swearingen, Pamela
  • Medical-surgical nursing: patient-centered collaborative care, 8th edition, 2016
    Ignatavicius, D. & 4 others
  • Medical-surgical nursing: assessment and management of clinical problems, 9th edition, 2014
    Lewis, S. Dirksen, S. & Heitkemper, M.
  • Fundamentals of medical-surgical nursing: a system approach, 2014
    Bradly, A., McCabe, C. and McCann, M., edited
  • RN adult medical-surgical nursing: review module, 9th edition, 2013
  • Medical-surgical part III, 2013
    Abu-El-Noor, N.
  • Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing, 12th edition, 2010
    Smeltzer, S. & Bare, B.
  • Handbook for Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing, 12th edition, 2010

  • Nursing for wellness in older adults, 6th edition, 2012
    Miller, Carol
  • Palliative care for older people: better practices, 2011
    Hall, S. and 4 others, edited
  • Fourth Year Level


  • Nursing diagnosis handbook: an evidence-based guide to planning care, 2017
    Ackley, B. Ladwig, G. & Makic, M.
  • Critical care nursing: monitoring and treatment for advanced nursing practice, 2015
    Booker, Kathy, edited
  • Nursing care plans: guidelines for individualizing client care across the life span, 9th edition, 2014
    Doenges, M., Moorhouse, M. & Murr, A.
  • Nursing diagnoses: definitions and classification 2015-2017, 10th edition, 2014
    Herdman, T.H. & Kamitsuru, S.
  • Nursing diagnosis: application to clinical practice, 14th edition, 2013
    Carpenito, Lynda
  • Fast facts for the critical care nurse: critical care nursing in a Nutshell, 2012
    Landrum, M.A.
  • Nursing care plans: guidelines for individualizing client care across the life span, 8th edition, 2010
    Doenges, M., Moorhouse, M. & Murr, A.

  • Leadership and management in healthcare: a critical approach, 2019
    Goodman, Benny
  • Nursing leadership and management for patient safety and quality care, 2017
    Murrary, Elizabeth
  • Nursing leadership and management: the advanced practical role, 2015
    Korniewicz, Denise
  • Essentials of nursing leadership and management, 5th edition, 2015
    Weiss, S. & Tappen, R.
  • Effective leadership and management in nursing, 8th edition, 2013
    Sullivan, Elanor

  • Introduction to the financial management of healthcare organizations, 2018
    Michael Nowicki
  • Economics and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders, 3rd edition, 2017
    Penner, Susan J.
  • Transcultural nursing theory and models: application in nursing education, practice and administration, 2012
    Sagar, Priscilla

  • Emergency made incredibly easy!, 2015
    Beverly Ann Tscheschlog and Amy Jauch
  • Nurses and disasters: global, historical case studies, 2015
    Arlene Keeling and Barbra Mann Wall
  • The Practical Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness, 2014
    Scott Hunt
  • Disaster nursing and emergency preparedness for chemical, biological and radiological terrorism and other hazards, 3rd edition, 2013
    Veenema, Tener Goodwin
  • Nurses on the front line when disaster strikes, 1878-2010, 2011
    Barbra Mann Wall and Arlene Keeling

  • Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 2017
    Silverstri, Linda and Silvestri, Angela
  • Bates´ Guide to Physical Examination & History Taking, 12th edition, 2017
    Bickley, Lynn and Szilagyi, Peter
  • NCLEX-RN examination, 2016
    National Council of State Boards of Nursing
  • Katzung & Trevor’s pharmacology examination & board review, 2015
    Trevor, Katzung and Hall
  • HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 2014
  • Other Nursing References


  • Team-based oncology care: the pivotal role of oncology navigation, 2018
    Lillie D. Shockney
  • Basic of Oncology, 2nd edition, 2016
    Frederick Stephens and Karl Reinhard Aigner
  • Cancer principles & practice of oncology: handbook of clinical cancer genetics, 2013
    Ellen Matloff
  • Cancer nursing: principles and practice, 7th edition, 2011
    Yarbro, Connie and 2 others
  • The difficult case in head and neck cancer surgery, 2010
    Paul J. Donald
  • Pediatric oncology nursing: advanced clinical handbook, 2nd edition, 2010
    Deborah Tomlinson and Nancy Kline
  • Cancer: principles and practice of oncology, 6th edition, 2001
    Vincent T. Devita and 2 others

  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 8th edition, 2020
    Videbeck, Sheila
  • Psychiatric and mental health nursing, 4th edition, 2017
    Evans, K. Nizette, D. and O’Brien, A.
  • Advanced practice psychiatric nursing: integrating psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and complementary and alternative approaches across the life span, 2nd edition, 2017
    Tusaie, K. and Fitzpatrick, editors
  • Psychiatric-mental health nursing, 2nd edition, 2014
    American Nurses Association
  • Varcarolis’ foundations of psychiatric mental health nursing: a clinical approach, 7th edition, 2014
    Halter, Margaret J.
  • Psychiatric - mental health nursing, 5th edition, 2011
    Videbeck, Sheila
  • Psychiatric mental health nursing: concepts of care in evidence-based practice, 6th edition, 2009
    Townsend, Mary C.
  • Psychiatric and mental health nursing, 4th edition, 2008
    Videbeck, Sheila